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Places we would NOT recommend

While traveling, we tried to check out as many of the non-operational provincial parks as

possible. We were looking for free overnight parking and scenic trails we could hike without paying entrance fees.

Ida Creek Provincial Reserve:

We followed the GPS and never found it. Despite doing a slow drive down Ida creek road, we could not find any signs or markers identifying where it was.

Little Cove:

It had a nice rock and cobble beach that wrapped around the Cove, but it was very crowded, and to be honest, the view was less than impressive. In addition, we found that over-tourism of the area created no parking garbage left along the shoreline, and we did not find it relaxing. You could park there overnight, but again no tents and no room for RVs.

Bluewater Park in Wiarton:

The home of Wiarton Willie is an excellent place for young children. There is a cute play area and campground next to the old train station. It was an exciting stop on our trip to look at some history of the area but a place we spent no more than about 30 minutes.


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