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It's -15C and we need more insulation

OMG!!!! It got cold fast, and the breeze was killing us. Van Life in the winter can be hard, PREPARE!

During our Van build we insulated the floor, the lower sides, and put reflectix on the roof, but due to the unique feature of our opening side panels, we could not do heavy insulation around the upper area of the sides. The ability of the panels to open and close allows for a substantial draft when the slightest breeze blows. We needed something quick, cost-effective, and easy to install without taking anything out of the van.

We have a diesel heater installed, but it simply could not keep up with the drop in temperature. Think of running your furnace with your window open, LOL.

The most straightforward idea is usually the best, and I thought of wool blankets hanging along the sides of the vehicle. We hit every second-hand store, but there was no warm blanket to be anywhere because it was already cold outside. So I hung my head and resigned myself to stop at the local Fabric Land. Surprise!!!!

They had wool on sale for 50% off, and we could do the entire perimeter of the van for $120.00.

The next issue was how to manage the installation. We didn't want to have it up year-round but wished to avoid gaudy hooks and rods.

By sheer coincidence, they had Velcro on sale and combined with double-sided tape, we could secure the Velcro to the ceiling supports quickly, and the wool just stuck with little to no additional requirements.

We did reinforce the panel we pull down regularly to enter the back simply due to the number of times we enter and leave in a day.


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