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Van Life-Every Home needs a table, desk & kitchen counter

Embracing Van Life takes a lot of creativity to fit everything inside a 6 x 10 ft box we call home. Since we leave our full-size bed up all the time and Tom likes to sit with his feet on the floor, it can be a challenge. However, as I stated in Van Build 3.0, there are three things that top the list of must-haves in our van build.

  1. Comfortable Bed - does not have to be taken apart every day and put back together every night.

  2. Table surface to cook on, eat at, play board games and do some work at.

  3. Tom's Xbox and the data allow him to connect with his friends and us to access the digital world.

This video is about the table. It is hard to write much about a very visual thing as the table build, so please click the link above to see how we designed it, how it folds out, and the ease of the overall setup.

We cook 100% electrical, so we use the first section of this table several times a day. Incorporating it into the pantry was a great way to multipurpose, and if I have said it once, I have said it 100 times. Everything MUST have a dual purpose, or there is not enough space.

We did this build in Late Feb Early March, so we did not finish the wood surface as there was no way to ventilate the van to air out the smell of stain or urethane. Once the weather breaks, we will finish it by adding a sealant and color to the wood, but for now, we have a much-needed Table and pantry.


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